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As I'm preparing for my record release, a dear friend was asking me what the title was.  He thought it was, "Look What I've Done".  Immediately I was overwhelmed with incredible record cover ideas around this title!  I could make SEVERAL covers, themed around this "new title"! 


But very shortly after, I was filled with pangs of regret - "Why hadn't I thought of this earlier???"   Alas, the CD was already pressed.  This newly formed idea would never see the light of day...


Or would it?  In the weeks leading up to the release, I will give you a front row seat as to how my odd mind works.  Every week, a new alternate cover for this alternate album title.  

You're welcome.  And I'm sorry...

Look At What I've Done - 1
Look 2.jpg
Look 3.jpg
Look 4.jpg
Look 5.jpg
Look 6.jpg
Look 7.jpg
Look 8.jpg
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