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Jen Bluhm (Waltzing on Waves) is releasing her debut album, "The One You Fell For", officially on December 7.  You can order it now, and get your CD or digital download. And I really, really think you should.  this record is mind-blowingly good...


Some interesting things about Jen:


1. Jen's spirit animal is the octopus (A cooler spirit animal I've not heard of)


2.  Jen studied to be an opera singer (give her music a listen, I think you might not be surprised by this - WOW!)


3.  Jen is openly neurodivergent.  AND in fact an advocate for the neurodivergent movement.  You can read about this, and this amazing person at her website.


Side note:  "Waltzing On Waves", put into an acronym, is "WOW".  Quite fitting, if you ask me!

Some WoW Links:

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