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Tori Evans

Tori Evans is on fire!  She's opened for national acts as well as great local ones (Katy Vernon, Dan Israel, The Home Fires, to name a few).  She's played cool festivals like the Stone Arch Festival (I'm gonna type festival one more time, because I like the word).  She's had her single played on the Current - THE CURRENT!  She's the real deal, and getting more real every show, every song, every day.


Some interesting tidbits about Tori:


1.  Tori’s an up and coming rock star by night, but by day She’s a huge nerd. She truly believes that her one true love in this world is algebra

2.  Her first job was working as a specialist in the Hennepin County Libraries


Ted Note:  I like to imagine Tori has become a master "SHUSH"-er.  She tells me she never had to "SHUSH" anyone - that disappoints me.  I totally would...


3.  Her knowledge of all things Harry Potter is limitless and a little excessive 


Tori is working on her first full-length album, with plans to release and celebrate late spring/early summer.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this - you're gonna wanna be part of this.

Some Tori Evans Links:

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