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Tim is a local singer songwriter, with an amazing voice and a knack for finding the hook in song.  Check his stuff out - go see him live (He plays a lot, so check out his show schedule and get your butt out there to see him.  You won't be sorry.


Some interesting Tim tid-bits (Tim-bits?):


1. Tim is a very ardent amateur cook.  He likes to do everything the most putzy way possible.  He bakes his own bread, makes his own pasta, makes his own syrup.  He tends to take something simple and makes it very complicated.

2. Tim went to school to be a composer, at St. John’s University.  For his capstone project, he ended up writing and performing an hour long opera, with full pit orchestra, singers, actors.  He even built the stage pieces, did lighting - all of that.  Sounds like quite the overacheiver to this lazy couch potato... 


Side note:  The guy who played the lead in Tim's play, used the performance as an audition to get into the Vancouver Opera.  He passed the audition, and years later went on to win some major awards in Canada!

3. When Tim has spare time, he likes to do wood working.  He’s built instruments, including a “mando-cello” (ask him about this, when you see him live), and is currently working on building Native American flutes.  He is working to do this without using drills, instead using a knife and a heated steel rod.


So there you have it!  This is Tim.  Now that you know a little about him, go get to know more.  Hit up his website, buy his music, go see him live, say hello (Tell him I sent you).

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