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Sarah Morris an incredible songwriter - like probably the best songwriter we have here in this state of Minnesota (and this in a state full of  several incredibly talented songwriters mind you).  And she's putting out this new album full of great songs to make your ears happy.  


Some tidbits about Sarah:


1)  Sarah used to want to be a meteorologist.   When she was a little girl, Sarah loved watching the news.  She was so scared of tornadoes, and being kidnapped (good child of the 80s) and so watching the news made her somehow feel better.  Specifically Channel 11, with Diana Pierce, Paul Majors, and Paul Douglas on weather (Sarah says she loved Paul Douglas - even asked him to marry her!  When he was a judge for the 1987 Aquatennial Junior Royalty competition).  Which leads us to...


2)  Sarah used to want to be a princess.  Because the name Sarah means 'Princess', and so it seemed like a good idea!  Lucky for her, they used to have community junior royalty programs, so Sarah was able to be Aquatennial Junior Princess in 1987!  She had a bowl cut AND a crown, because you really can have it all!  (also, Sarah is thinking asking Paul Douglas to marry her paid off!).


3)  If Sarah wasn't a musician she would want to be a baker.  Sarah LOVES to bake.  Her favorite way to put off any work is by baking sourdough bread.  She used to bake cakes and cupcakes until she had kids and realized that she couldn't have all that sugar around all the time (Ted edit:  What???).  So now she's passionate about naturally leavened breads.  Sarah's instagram feed has lots of fancy bakers on it.  Also, if you want some of her starter - let her know!!

Some Sarah Links:

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