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Mark hails from MN, but has made music around the country, in various ways.  He's excited to make music, and exciting to listen to - whether it be his great tunes, or just having a conversation - he'll draw you right in.


3 things you should know about Mark Stone.


1. Mark  never really wanted to be anything other than a cowboy with a guitar.  He grew up listening to the Eagles, Charlie Daniels and Daisy Dillman Band.  His favorite song to this day is Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song"

2. Mark Stone’s previous original music project was a group called Juggernaut - they were Minnesota Music Awards Nominees.  Noise records of Germany signed the Minneapolis grunge quartet in 1994.  Since then Mark has been in countless rock/metal/country bands until starting the original project Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band

3. Last year Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band dedicated themselves to make #moremusicin2019 and released 2 EP’s and 18 singles. They hope to improve upon that to make even #moremusicin2020 They are always looking for a few adventurous souls to join the journey

Some Mark Links:

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