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Ledfoot Larry and his band "The Real Deal" are a Twin Cities-based Country and Americana 5-piece extravaganza! Their show is a combination of radio-friendly Americana originals, and the most danceable Top 40 classics from the "Golden Age of Country" to ever grace the radio. Whether you find them at a street dance, large venue or roadside honky-tonk, you're looking at a sweaty night of broken heels and spendy bar tabs.


Here are some fun facts about Ledfoot Larry:


1.  Lorenzo is the son of Italian immigrants, and actually the first born in the U.S. However, both great grandfathers worked in the U.S. and sent money laying railroad tracks for Soo Line, and the other as a West Virginia coal miner. Hence, one of the inspirations for the song "Coal Mine Canary".

2. Knowing that "Lorenzo Michelutti" doesn't scream "country and americana" music, the pseudonym "Ledfoot Larry" was born in homage to "Shotgun" Willie Nelson (and the spelling of "led" is a nod to Led Zeppelin). Side note: Lorenzo is Italian for Lawrence, hence "Larry".


Ted Note:  While I love the name "Ledfoot Larry", had I had Lorenzo's real name, I would never have changed mine to my stage name of "Ted Hajnasiewicz"...

3. Bandmates Paul Pederson, Mark Haider, Patrick Dempsey and Paul "Duke" Story make up 'the Real Deal', the official unofficial name of the band. For marquee purposes they just use Ledfoot Larry, as opposed to Ledfoot Larry and The Real Deal.


Ledfoot Larry put an incredible debut record out recently, and are playing all over Minnesota and beyond to support.  You'll want to check out a show or two, so here are some links to help you get there.

Some Ledfoot Larry Links:

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