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Graham Bramblett is a guy I walked into a bar to.  I was going to my first ever MN Songwriter Showcase (Nick Hensley puts these on - they're essentially an open mic for the best songwriters in the Twin Cities).  As I walked in, this guy with the sweetest REAL country voice was playing some upbeat country romp, with a couple dudes backing him up.  I couldn't see him - his back was to me, but I definitely need to know who he was.  So I ordered my beer, sat down, enjoyed the rest of this song and another, solo one with just his voice and guitar.  A slow-burner, sad lovely country song.  Best thing I'd heard in a long long time.  I was immediately a fan.  Three years later, I am even more a fan.  He's got a new EP, "the Great Inbetween" that you need to go find right now.  Like  right now.  Go google Graham Bramblett, and buy this album.


Done?  OK, good.  So here's a bit about Graham, you might like to know.


  • One of Graham's favorite spots in the world is hanging out on his powder blue, 2-seat glider on the front porch with a cup of coffee and the dog (Ted note:  This sounds about right, when you listen to his music)

  • The pictures on the album were taken in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile in January 2020

  • Is ‘The Great Inbetween’ an album or an EP? Per Graham, "I am not sure, somewhere inbetween I guess"


So go find that album folks!  You can find his name easier than mine on wherever you stream or buy music.  Or hit up his web site.

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