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Say hello to the Jensen Sisters, from Goodrich, MN.  Small town girls, with a knack for a great songs, voices that should be on radio (and ARE for that matter), and personalities that should be on tv (and WILL be, I'm quite sure of it).

Kendra and Kansas Jenson played their first show two years ago, doing a cover of Waylon Jennings' "Good Hearted Woman".  How can you go wrong that?  Well, you can't, and they went oh so right.  From there, so many right things!  From playing shows all over the state and beyond, to getting radio play all over, to hosting their very own radio show, to becoming the northern Minnesota ambassadors for the Midwest Country Music Association - these girls are on fire! 


Here are some fun facts about each of the Jensen Sisters:



1.  Loves to draw and paint

2.  Is big into conspiracy theories

3.  Can sing just like Sturgil Simpson (true story) - Ted Note:  I want to hear this!



1.  Guns & Roses was and forever will be her favorite band of all time

2.  Never learned how to ride a bike.  She insists it's not her parents fault, but she's just uncoordinated

3.  Loves to crochet like an old lady


They recently released their debut EP, "Highway Hippie", which is pure audible bliss.  Get yourself a copy, and watch for show dates in your area.  These girls are sure to get you dancing!

Some Jensen Sister Links:

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