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By hosting a house concert, you get to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to your home by a cozy fireplace or outside in the back yard. I will bring my sound system, guitar, voice, songs and stories. You can do a low-key pot luck or grill out and BYOB, or you can put on a seven course meal if you like. Whatever makes you and your friends comfortable, I am all in!


After guests arrive, usually there is some mingling and then they find a spot to settle in for the show.  The cool thing about house concerts, is that everyone is there with the intention of hearing some good music and making new friends, or connect with old ones.  With my “This Is Ted” house concert series, I’m hoping to deliver that, and connect with people on a personal level – both in song and story, but ALSO by getting to know you and making myself some new friends.  I really think the more you know someone, the more you appreciate their journey.  My hope is that my songs will connect to everyone in some way, on a deeply personal level.  “This is Ted” – but it might just be you as well.

Typically the host would post a suggested donation - $5, $10, $20, whatever feels appropriate.  An ideal gathering would be 20-50 people - but a little more or less, no problem.


The theme of the night would be FUN.  Interact with me, have a laugh, enjoy a song or two.  If seems like a fun evening for you and your friends, shoot me an email at and let’s talk!

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